Anti-corruption education - Embezzlement

Most developing countries have enormous natural resources that earn them billions of US dollars and competent workforce with tremendous  capabilities. However, they are struglling to rise above underdevelopment and poverty.

They lack adequate functional infrastructures. Their professionals are compelled to emigrate in droves to industrialized countries because they have no conducive work conditions or proper equipment to work at home. Their emigration plunges their countries further into underdevelopment and poverty, as the intelligent brains are drained to where they have equipment to work. Regardless of the values they bring to their destination-countries, many are unwelcomed.

If those entrusted with power serve with their heart and brain, and those that grant power to others keep them under watchful eyes, compliance will become a norm.

Global Collective Action - A prerequisite for realization of the SDGs

The basic needs of life ought to be everyone's fundamental human rights. However, millions of people still live in abject poverty and are deprived of basic necessities of life, though nature has been benevolent to our world.

Many countries are very rich and earn billions of US dollars from their natural resources but majority of their populace still live in abject poverty.

The Sustainable Development Goals are necessary and achievable if we join our efforts to do so.